My Wellbeing matters ™ Story

My name is Harmeet Anand and I am passionate about supporting C-Level Executives create a life where they experience more resourceful energy – to do the things they love to do and create results they wish to create in the world.

In my past avatar as a corporate leader, I felt a tremendous need to be able to address my wellbeing as I juggled multiple commitments in my life, often at the cost of taking care of my own self. I worked myself to a point where my physical self screamed – in 2008 I was diagnosed with a tumor, in a part of my brain called the pituitary gland, which subsequently had a stroke for which I underwent neurosurgery. My life after that wake up call, feels like a new life – where I am called to take care of myself, my cares and my wishes tenaciously. I realised in this episode the tremendous powers of holistic healing work.

Little that I knew my journey of personal healing will open up a healing for my community. I subsequently trained and became a corporate coach, a leadership communication trainer, Reiki practitioner, Sound healer, Yoga Instructor and an ontological coach.

The community that I most like to support are people who are heading organisations and departments, because as leaders when people get in the journey of wellbeing, they become conduits of wellbeing for others in their community as well – like it happened in my situation. As leaders become conscious about their wellbeing cultures across organisations will change too.

When I look back at those events I have realised that before the body shouts, our mind and emotions create enough whispers (or screams). As a wellbeing coach, I help C-Level Execs unlock the power of emotional intelligence, learn from the wisdom of their bodies (our soma) and master language, in order to create and sustain wellbeing.

Some of the designations that I hold as an Executive Coach –

– Professional Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation

— Newfield Certified Coach

-Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive Coach

– The Coaching Clinic® Licensed Facilitator

– CoachU Core Essentials Graduate

– Advanced Corporate Coach U Graduate

– Now What? Authorised Facilitator (90 days to a New Life Direction)

– “The Leadership Circle” & “The Leadership Culture Survey” Assessor

– DISC Facilitator

I invite you to explore this website. And connect with me to know about my coaching service offerings.

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