10 leadership lessons – from Chandrayaan 2 Moon landing

This weekend India and the world watched with anticipation, ISRO Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram Lander’s landing on moon’s south pole. It ended with a collective sense of disappointment as contact was lost with the Lander just minutes before it’s landing. Prime Minister consoling the ISRO chairman video became viral. (‘Men crying’ and ‘men crying in public’ is an equally… Read More

Emotions at Work

Last weekend I participated in a Transactional Analysis workshop conducted by P. K Saru who is an Internationally-accredited Teaching and Supervising TA Analyst. During the workshop, I was reminded of the precept “Our greatest freedom is the freedom to choose our attitude” by Victor Frankl. In my practice, I have found that executives are often subject to an unseen-unspoken norm of “we… Read More


I am Harmeet. And my story is no different from a any other simple girl leading an uncomplicated life with a loving husband and one equally loving and beautiful daughter. Things were different a few years ago. I was leading a corporate life, but feeling stuck with the drill. Strapped for time, running on low fuel,… Read More