Reflection & Wellbeing: What’s the connection?

Care for one’s well-being or others’ wellbeing at its core is a spiritual practice. Reflection in the act of achieving holistic wellbeing plays a powerfully potent role. Reflection is the act of being with your BEING. What can be more potent than this medicine.

During breakdowns in health and wellbeing, reflection is a process that can hasten and fasten the healing process. 

The 5 steps to reflection in the process of restoring wellbeing may appear as – 

  1. Reflection after the diagnosis – the possible cause of it and the desired outcome one wishes for
  2. Reflection in the moment – taking a pause to view moment to moment ways of being. Involves dialogue with self and others, to start reflecting on what is coming in the way of experiencing a more holistic self
  3. Inner Supervisor Activation – If one is moving in the right direction then keeping a watch on one’s moment to moment experience needs a strong intention to shift as well. Unfixed from the habitual ways of being and able to be flexible with new ways of BEING – is what this supervisor helps us manoeuver.
  4. Integration with Self – Self-dialogue to embed the new belief that may bring about a change in our ways of BEING to initiate the wellbeing. This involves not just change in ways of thinking but experiencing the change as if it has taken place. This involves changed ways of ‘being’. Or change in the inner lens.
  5. Integration of Self and Others – To connect what has occurred with the ‘self’ to how it impacts and is impacted by the life around ‘me’. It can include ‘my’ family, ‘my’ work community, ‘my’ tribe and the world ‘I’ inhabit.

As a human race, we are lost in the facts, left-brain practices of gathering information, whereas as a human race we have the power to integrate our right brain powers of creativity, imagination, intuition. 

Bringing our whole self including intention, visualizations, self-talk, brings about holistic healing. We are talking about treating the cause, not just the symptoms. And this cause sets in motion not just healing for self, but also for others. As the saying goes…“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” – John Muir

What are your thoughts about using the process of reflection in creating healing for yourself and your environment?

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