Wellbeing and Goals : and their connection

Emotions and thoughts go hand in hand. They don’t play out separately from each other. If you don’t believe it, try getting yourself angry while keeping your mind absolutely blank! On the other hand, emotions are the source of our actions and inactions. Without resourceful emotions such as passion, enthusiasm and optimism, try getting up every morning and working towards your monthly target. Actions go hand in hand with our emotions and thoughts too. When we ‘do’ something, it makes us feel a certain way and ‘think’ a certain thought.

Now sometimes we get stuck in creating the same undesirable outcome, no matter what we do. What would you do, when that happens? (Hint: Remember the intermeshing of emotions, thoughts and actions). Well, you stop the ‘doing’ and look at the other levers of change ie emotions and thoughts.

The bad news is we don’t always have the skills to use the other levers by ourselves, on ourselves. And the worst news is that generating undesirable outcomes consistently has a tremendous cost to our emotional and mental well-being. We start believing a certain story – a story that often has a headline of “I am not good at this”. And if we don’t intervene, then it does not take long for the headline to become “I am no good” (especially if the outcome we are trying to create is something we really desire).

The key point here is that creating desired results is a matter which affects our emotional and mental well-being, as much as it affects organizational results, bottom-line results, leading a team well, losing weight, playing a good game, having healthy relationships, etc.

The sooner we intervene to help someone struggling with creating results towards the goals they have set for themselves, the better we take care of their emotional and mental well being.

Are you struggling by yourself, without taking help from outside? Are you waiting too long to provide support to people who are facing challenges in achieving their goals? Remember it is undermining our well being.

When you help someone generate the results they want (no matter what the area of their life may be), you are taking care of their emotional and mental well being. Goals and well being are intertwined intricately. Do you agree with this?

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