DISC Workshop

Communication is Everything

If you have ever felt misunderstood or have been ineffective in selling an idea to another individual or simply desire to up your game at building relationships this workshop is for you.

Through the DISC workshop I support you in understanding your communication style and use the knowledge of your style to manage yourself better. Moreover the design of the workshop is aimed at also facilitating understanding of others’ styles and adapting your communication to improve your effectiveness. With this program you will:

  • Know yourself; manage yourself
  • Know others; adapt to others

DISC is a reliable, valid and popular tool that demystifies the styles in which different people communicate. In 1928, William Marston published a book “The Emotions of Normal People”, in which he described the four behaviours in terms of Dominance, Inducement, Steadiness and Compliance. This is the basis of the theory used today. In a nutshellDISC is a model of human behaviour, helping people understand “why they do what they do”.

In this workshop what you will get:

  • A personalised detailed report of your own unique DISC profile a.k.a. communication and      emotional behavioural “style”
  • Understand communication styles of others and appreciate them better
  • Know how to adapt your own style to target your audience and win in any situation
  • Know which styles relate to you the most and which cause discomfort
  • Know what is your natural style and most important your adapted style

This is a half day workshop. And will be held on Sunday (to accommodate those who are working).

Date: 15th Oct 2016| Time: 9am – 1pm | Location: Goregaon East | Cost: Available on Request

For those interested drop me a message on harmeet.anand@gmail.com I will share specifics on the workshop.

Note: Last date for reserving your spot and payment is 11th October.

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