Stillness and Longing


It’s only in the moments of silence that I listen to my true self

It’s only in the moments of stillness that I feel the feelings that I have never felt

The voice, the longing till now shunned by the walls of my pride

Buried so deep that I did not know they even existed inside

Do I feel completely alive? Like the burst of the first rays that fall on a bud

Or do I feel damp like timber that wonders what is its real life purpose

What rests inside me I cannot see

Till I lift the veil of thoughts that surround me

And then I brave to go deeper than my own feelings

To experience the lightness

And that’s also when I touch my deepest of longings

Hardwired inside me… to connect, commune and to be of service

This is my voice I had never heard before

This is my longing that I knew was never mine to own

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