Yoga – Lessons for Life 2

1. “Part” has the potential to fully support “the whole” and become “wholesome” 

In the “Forward Bend Pose”, I cannot forget doing the “Mountain Pose”. 

We are conditioned to look at “parts” as having core competencies. Thereby limiting the role of the “part” around only those competencies. We forget that there is huge potential in the “part” provided we are willing to train it in unconventional ways. Here is an example. As normal human beings our sensation of touch is limited, because it’s use has been limited – to feel pain or to feel pleasure. But a visually impaired being, sense of touch is everything. It’s his tool to understand the world. It’s his intellect, his wisdom. Sense of touch has remained the same. But the training has blossomed it into something bigger. The question is are we willing to train “parts” to support our “whole”, single-handedly. Because without a well-trained part, the whole is not really all that wholesome.

2. Action is happening even when we are outwardly still.

In motionless poses all organs are getting charged.

We are generation on the run. Given a choice of doing NOTHING, will drown us in a guilt trip . We love “to-do” lists, action plans, goals to achieve. Even vacations come with a tag of “things to do and see”. Yoga teaches us that in our bodies nerve endings (in our palms and soles) get activated through the reflexology points even though we are still. Thanks to the interplay of our body mass and forces of nature such as gravity, electromagnetic force etc! Leading to wondrous benefits for all organs within. Similarly in life a better action takes place when we allow nature’s forces to simply work through us.

3. The heart is more important to create big changes, not the head.

Join hands on the heart centre before the start of every Yoga practise.  

It’s a great reminder that it’s the heart that is all important. Just like Chip and Dan Heath say in the book “SWITCH…” once you decide why you need to make a change, you really need to think about “what’s in it for me”? If you manage to convince the emotional side of yourself, big changes take place with ease. That emotional side can also be about being of “service to others”. And remember when you are at this level of thinking – heart, head and spirit have actually come in perfect alignment.

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