I am Harmeet. And my story is no different from a any other simple girl leading an uncomplicated life with a loving husband and one equally loving and beautiful daughter.

Things were different a few years ago. I was leading a corporate life, but feeling stuck with the drill. Strapped for time, running on low fuel, lower on happiness. My wake – up call was when my health started faltering. Thyroid. Palpitations. And finally a stroke.

I was forced to make amends.

Career shift was the first among many. Initially I wasn’t clear what it was going to be. In fact at first not much was clear at all. And I was afraid. Very afraid. I had no idea where I was headed. And how I was going to get there. The only clarity I had was around “what I did NOT want”. In fact I often wished I could go back to the security of my earlier corporate life, but the shores I had left behind were now harder to swim back to. Slowly what happiness looked like, started revealing itself to me – healthy body, peace of mind and a nourished soul. This is “what I wanted”!

Gradually a career that was unfolding in front of me was that of teaching, training and coaching. It was a career shift for me. One that was aligned with my top two core values – “nurturance” and “balance”.

I love to read, write, travel, listen to music, study human behaviour. I now work with people who like me are in the corporate world or have been, and are dealing with similar challenges like I did. And that’s crucial – because I have walked in the same shoes and I know how it feels like.

This site is a resource that I’d like to share with you as you walk to your ultimate success also known as ultimate happiness. The two are really the same.

ps – If you would like to know more about my professional coaching, shoot me an email and we can have a chat.

3 responses to “MY STORY”

  1. I am happy you have found what early what it takes others a life time to just realize, as what they have been seeking all along.

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