Greed, Anger, Doubt – bring them on

Greed, anger and doubt are deemed poisons and must be shunned, they say to attain the ‘Way’. That’s a lofty goal considering these enemies are the one’s we are sleeping with all our lives. And if these were to be shunned then why did they exist in the first place? They must serve some purpose, after all.

To shun these poisons the strategy to keep in mind is “Make the foe it’s own foe so it can become your friend”.  Here’s what I mean…

Greed – when the head of desire raises its head, look for what you really ‘desire’? You may desire the new car on the outside, but its possession may just be a means for you to quench your thirst for fulfillment, no matter how fleeting it maybe. That’s looking for the right thing in the wrong place. Get greedy. Be opportunistic. But dig deeper to know what you really truly deeply yearn for. Research shows that the feeling of fulfillment comes from being service to others and that feeling is lasting too.

Fulfillment = Service for others (multiplied by) Love

Anger – when that unbridled rage takes centre stage, what’s really out of control? A thing you expected should have gone a certain way, but it went another!? Be angry. But be angry at having expectations. Be angry. But be so, because you know there is a difference between being calm and being unconcerned.

Happiness = Life as it is (minus)  Expectations

Doubt – when the ugly head of doubt raises its head, use the doubt to doubt itself. When it doubts your ability to realize your dreams, turn it on its head. And doubt. But doubt the thought that you could fail as well.

Dream Realization = Action  (divided by) Doubt

So make these poisons work for you and remember that sometimes the cure of pain is in pain itself.

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