The flame, the flicker

The vulnerable flicker says to the strong hand that protects it and snuffs it too…

The power in me to light a place in seconds, that which laid dark for eons,

Is the same power that will bring down a place to cinders.

This tiny wick encased by the grey, surrounded by the glistening light,

Can warm its way to your heart if it chooses to, or set aflame.

The vulnerability of my flame is no match to its glorious power,

Existing in tandem the mighty two, without one another they just don’t stay.

How will you choose to use your sensitivity today?

With fear you will never bring to light, the wet timbers that lay in front of you, but with hope you may.

Will you use it just like a flickering light, or will you use it like a flame?

4 responses to “The flame, the flicker”

  1. Hi Harmeet, I got to your blog via Seema Khanna your ex-colleague & my friend. I simply loved the duality of the power that you have showcased through the poem. I realize how important is the power of choice in everything we do.

    Loved reading it. Thanks!
    Roshni Khanna

  2. Thanks Roshni. And welcome to this blog. I can see you are an avid writer. And I loved reading your poems. Keep writing and inspiring others with your words.

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