This film brings out splendidly that what’s ailing this world is the same as what will cure it. Splendid reminders from this movie:

1. There is no separation between ‘I’ and the deemed others.
2. My “heart-mind” or the inner knowing is most important.
3. Nothing can take more than it needs. When it does, it perishes.

Nature shows us these pointers abundantly, but we fail to learn and grapple with the true nature of reality, wondering what is wrong with this world!

When I watched this film, through an odd sleepless night, by the end of it I had once again reframed that people who are seemingly the cause of our pain are most wounded themselves. And the only way they can be healed is through our love.

This Diwali – the festival of victory of good over evil – this film is a beacon of hope that beyond what is material and seen, with one change at a time, we can have a world where we can discern and create even more of what’s right than what’s not!

Wishing a Diwali full of abundant wellness and joy.

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