Being just the thing we want to see!


All that is seen outside us is actually contained within us.

Feeling disjointed with this otherwise well-imbibed wisdom. The monstrous acts in the news lately can shake-up this belief.

From utter despair to ballistic anger, feelings and emotions seem uncontrollable everywhere. Suddenly the responsibility of all that is happening around us, rests on the shoulders of others – the politicians, powerful lobbies, law and order enforcement, education system, etc etc.

Top of mind question remains “What is the one BIG change we can make in our TINY lives, that can make a WORLD of a change?”

Perhaps it all comes down to first having the ability to have inordinate, unwarranted, and unreasonable amount of reverence for all the lives we encounter – in our personal and public life. And then to teaching the same to our children.

In practise it can feel abnormal. But this abnormal is better than the norm that abounds.

And this abnormal can create the lasting change we desperately need to create.


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