One that is constant

The Wisconsin Gurudwara held their first service after the deadly attack yesterday. It still feels like a painful personal tragedy even though I stay in a different end of the world.

The beginning of our scriptures read ‘Ik Onkar’. It’s literal translation : ik = one, onkar = That which is, was and will be ie God. ‘Ik Onkar’ means – God is one or the One that is constant. This in essence is the central theme of the Sikh scriptures.

After the attack we started out wondering how a few lack the general knowledge to distinguish one from another, we quickly realised too how the act of creating ‘distinctions’ can lead us down the ladder, right into our unthinking shadow side.

Born a Sikh, for many years I studied in a Christian school, I married in a Hindu family and I am a Buddhist practioner. Obviously influenced by all. More than differences I have always seen similarities.

I refrain from making distinctions. Atleast the one’s that create divisions. Between people. Between countries. Between genders. Between races. And I strive to see the one that is constant in all of us.

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