Whats your score – at failing?

We love security. We abhor change. We shelter ourselves from change because we fear failing. But thats when we stop living. Because securtity is not secure. It goes contrary to the theme of life. Life is change.

On that trail of thought, I believe that even changing our belief system is good. I like to call it detoxing your belief system. We have been conditioned by our society, family environment and countless other stimuli to think and believe a certain way. Many of these beliefs instead of serving us, work against us. We protect this image of self. If we have always been a corporate working professional then breaking that self-created mould is tough for most of us. If we have always had pleasing relationships, then having one bitter experience can shake us up. Our limitations stem from nothing other than our rigid, non bending self-beliefs.

There is an old joke in the pyschoanlaytical circle about the damaging belief of protecting one’s own self-image.

A man goes to a psychiatrist convinced that he is dead. The psychiatrist is unable to shake this belief off, so he says “You have heard haven’t you that dead men dont bleed?”. Man says “Yes”. The psychiatrist takes a pin, pokes the man making him bleed. He asks “What do you say now?” Man replies “Well what do you know, dead men do bleed”.

Self image is protected at the cost of self-growth. If you are not failing enough, you are falling far below your maximum potential. In which case you are failing anyways!

3 responses to “Whats your score – at failing?”

  1. Yup! I agree too… Am so ready to bend it ALL!! Thanks for the inspiring post. I chanced upon it this blue of a morning and hey! I know exactly what i have to do..

  2. Hi Harmeet,
    Chanced upon your blog and was delighted to know that you are doing what you think you should be doing and loving it. Could only read two pieces and the About Harmeet as discovered the blog at work and will read at leisure from home. The only indicator that we are not taking the big risk or pushing the boundaries is that we are not failing enough. Fail, fail and fail big. What I read was heartfelt and perhaps because it is heartfelt it has the right words and the energy. In short, they were beautiful, just as you are.
    Great to read, will come back.

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