On a mission called Simplicity…

San Gimignano

We all love simplicity. Simple instructions. Simple devices. Simple people. But there are always way too many things trying to grab our attention at the same time. What can we do to stick to doing things that are meaningful, and yet not be so complex.

I like to use the example of a lens and a filter.

When a ray of light falls through a lens, it converges or diverges – it does not remain the same. The kind of lens we wear decides how we receive all that’s happening around us. When we try and absorb all that’s happening around us, we can take on more than we can chew. When we focus and in the process reject a few things we save ourselves a whole lot of wastage. Wastage of time, resources and energy.

When a ray of light passes through a filter, it selectively absorbes a certain light – not all. When we use a filter in our lives we can omit out a lot of things too. What that filter maybe? Think of something that is critically important to you. Think if you had nothing, what would that one thing you’d want so as to bring meaning to your life. Is it money? Love? Health? Whatever it is, that’s the filter you may apply. If you break a leaf off a tree, nothing will happen. If you cut away a branch, nothing will happen. But if you cut away the roots, it will not survive. Ensure that the most important things are cherished, protected and nourished, while the rest can definitely wait for your attention.

We can apply the idea of lens and filter to all areas of our lives. From mail management to social contacts management, from shopping to interior designing. Recently a simple gift I received from my 7 year old proved to me that a lens & filter of thoughtfulness & love can hardly go wrong when it comes to gifting and take the trouble out of complex-gifting rituals.

Whoever said simplicity is the greatest sophistication was darn right!

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