What are the 4 Forces in your life?

At Windsor

The “weight”, the “lift”, the “drag”, the “thrust” – the 4 forces when in perfect balance make even the impossible possible!

For centuries man has dreamt of flying, of owning the sky. Only when he learnt about the aerodynamics, the four forces, was he able to translate that dream into reality. And to take that flight towards your cherished dreams, why not check what those 4 forces are? And how they play in your life?

Force 1 – Weight : No I am not referring to the physical weight most folks are unduly concerned about, but the weightier – internal issues that come in the way of achieving your biggest dreams. Your fears, your doubts, a lazy attitude, irrepressible anger, inclination towards in-discipline, the list is endless. Recognise them as they weigh you down. And since you have full control over them, get hold of the monkey and keep it in check.

Force 2 – Thrust : It’s your internal engine. What is it trying to tell you about the direction you need to take? Learning to listen to those internal longings, a passion, a hobby left somewhere waiting to be picked up again; all of this needs some cherishing, some working too. If nothing else, it will put you on the path to authentic living. Take your time and stop in the daily grind. Learn about your own self. A saying goes “He who knows others is learned, he who knows himself is wise”. So what are the things that add to your energy and which sap you out. Acquaint yourself with your own gauge – your own soul-fuel.

Force 3 – Drag: You know how it feels to stick your hand out in a speeding car and experience the opposite force! Drag is the resistance that you will face from the outside as you get going with any cherished dream or project. Know that such a drag will not just appear, but will get even stronger as your speed increases. While you can not end it, you can certainly decrease it’s impact. How? By streamlining, reducing and simplifying.

Force 4 – Lift: It’s the upward force that is perpendicular to the direction of the flight. In an aeroplane most of the lift is generated by the wings. Your wings could be supportive life-long friendships, an encouraging parental figure, a life-long mentor, or a support system of helper’s at home. Find one, if you do not have one. Identify your support system. Then cherish it, blend with it and max it.

Get, set, soar!! Sky is the limit.

10 responses to “What are the 4 Forces in your life?”

  1. Well Articulated Harry, simple and most effective if applied in our lives.

    Way to go: You are ready to take flight….



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