Butterfly Story – Why struggle is so important!

Share a problem, reduce it by half.

Well most of the time, I think if not always…thats what happens.

Had one of those days where I spent listening to others, going through some big struggle in their lives. And one of them shared this particular story with me. It’s a “perfect” anecdote to remember when we find ourselves hastily trying to remove someone else’s obstacles or are begrudging our lives when faced with our own struggle.

Here goes…

A man found a cocoon on the road side. As he watched closely he realised that there was a butterfly struggling with all its might, trying to get its body through a little hole in the cocoon. The butterfly was trying very hard but seemed not to be able to extricate itself out. The man could take no more and took pity on the “poor” butterfly. And decided to help. He slowly, very carefully cut the cocoon off. At last the butterfly was free! At this point the man continued to watch the butterfly, hoping to see it fly. But the shrivelled wings of the butterfly did not get any bigger, while its body remained very large, making it only capable of dragging itself. The butterfly was in fact NEVER able to fly!

Had the man fathomed that the struggle that the butterfly in the cocoon was going through was crucial for it to make its wings and body physically ready to fly, he would have never helped it.

Struggles are the key ingredient that help us to polish our own selves. In fact if we went through our life without struggles, could we ever grow? How will we ever know what we are capable of? How would we recognize our own magnificence? How will we ever fly?

Lesson 1 : When you are under pressure, remember that you are a better person after you have gone through it. Keep the faith.

Lesson 2: A struggling child needs your empathy and support. But not your solution. The struggle is theirs and so should be the solution. Step back and let them own it, all the way. And see their confidence soar.

Have a great day!

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