Do you know someone who is not living up to their full potential? Do you want to play at a higher level than you currently are in your profession? Or perhaps you are navigating through complexity and need some support?

BUT before you read, here is a “coaching alert” message :

Coaching is not for people who are not determined to change their habits. Coaching is not for leaders who are not courageous enough to ask for feedback. Coaching is not for managers who are not disciplined to follow through on their commitments.

If you are still reading this, then congratulations for being an edge-walker ready to take a plunge and achieve your dreams.

My name is Harmeet Anand and I have a multicultural experience in coaching and a Buddhist perspective that I bring to my clients and associates. I started coach4max to support individuals who are seeking to lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

I have supported leaders from various walks of life. From managers and leaders at various levels in the corporates, to entrepreneurs, to people who are transitioning – from full time working to being at home parent, from taking a long break from work to moving back to work or going to college – people I have coached are diverse. But there is a commonality. And that is their desire to grow into a bigger version of themselves.

I specialize in corporate coaching. One of the focus areas of my coaching practice has been working through values and purpose, to unearth my client’s most brilliant self so they can bring more energy, commitment and joy in their lives and meet their goals easily.

I found that finding the missing pieces of the puzzle called life is not a simple process and can take a life-time if done alone. And yet when you have someone credentialed to support you through the way, the process of change is easier and faster.

Some of the designations that I hold are –

– Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation

– Marshall Goldsmith Certifed Executive Coach

– The Coaching Clinic® Licensed Facilitator

– CoachU Core Essentials Graduate

– Advanced Corporate Coach U Graduate

– Now What? Authorised Facilitator (90 days to a New Life Direction)

– “The Leadership Circle” Facilitator

– DISC Facilitator

I invite you to explore this website. And if you want to shorten the time it takes to manifest a life of your dreams skype me at harmeet.anand23. And we can schedule a chat together.

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