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Do you know someone who is not living up to their full potential? Do you want to play at a higher level than you currently are in your profession? Or perhaps you are navigating through complexity and need some support? BUT before you read, here is a “coaching alert” message :

Coaching is not for people who aren’t ready to make changes in their lives. Coaching is not for leaders who are not courageous enough to receive feedback. Coaching is not for managers who are not disciplined to follow through on their commitments.

If you are still reading this, then congratulations for being an edge-walker ready to take a plunge and achieve your dreams. I enjoy working with leaders who are doing well and would like to improve their game – executives, at home parents or in transition employees are all leaders. Leading others begins and ends with self-leadership. I invite you to explore this site or reach out to me for more information and book an appointment for a complimentary coaching session.

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