If you are an executive responsible for driving insane organisational results while keeping it all together you would have often felt tremendous stress that comes with it. As a transformational Wellbeing coach, I support C-Level Executives like you to enhance emotional wellbeing and experience more mental clarity so that you free up the energy and time to do things you want to do, without sacrificing your wellbeing.

This is done through a proprietary holistic approach based on emotional intelligence, somatic practises and positive psychology. MY Wellbeing Matters™ Academy is designed for busy executives. It includes a one day face-to-face program with a group of executives followed by one on one coaching.

If you think you are in the need of support, to manage stress, convert distress to eustress for your teams and operate from your highest potential, connect with me. Send me a direct message on my Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook. Or email me at harmeet@coach4max.com to know more about joining the MY Wellbeing Matters™ Academy.

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